Patient and
Resident Stories

We’re grateful that our patients, residents and their families have shared their experiences at Wynwood with us.
Your perspective is important to us, too. We encourage you to share your own experiences, feedback and stories
about your time at Wynwood with us.

Kelly Ditmars

I’ve been here for only two weeks, and I’ve already was able to walk with assistantance … The girls, in physical therapy are awesome!!! Danielle, Alexis and Amy go above, to help you. They give you the encouragement to keep going. Push you, to your best in a very good and constructive way. Ruby in admissions goes above and beyond, to accommodate you and make sure all your needs are meant: as well Uri and several others.

Christopher Manosis

I have been here for rehab. I came in with limited mobility and have improved. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. Room is great. Really appreciative.

Barbara Hayes

My husband was a patient at Wynwood. I cannot say enough about the staff and attentiveness to his needs. From the nursing assistant who washed and got him dressed every morning. The physical therapists who worked with him even when he was not cooperating. The kindness of the office staff who answered all my questions. I would recommend Wynwood Rehab. In the case of my husband, all his needs were met when he was a patient.

Anthony Falconiero

My wife has been receiving care here for the past 18 months. I am very happy with the care she has received. The nurses are skilled at what they do and perform their job with patience, caring and compassion. A few to mention, Jenn, Nikki, Traci, Linda, Heidy and others who’s names I don’t know. The same for the CNA’s. I can’t say enough about the aides that have cared for my wife. Particularly her regular aide, Tanique. She is an angel as far as I am concerned. She shows love, compassion and caring above and beyond what anyone could expect. I am very thankful for her. I don’t know all of their names, but the other aides do a fine job as well, Angela is another that I know that is excellent. The aides have a difficult job to do, probably the hardest in the facility; and I salute their commitment and service. Andrea at the front desk is awesome. Also awesome, are the great activities team, led by Sheila. They brighten the days for everyone with fun and interesting activity sessions. Aisha, the Social Worker does a fine job. She has been very helpful to me when I’ve needed her assistance, time and time again. The food is pretty decent. Better than you may expect, considering the meals are mass produced. Housekeeping does a good job, maintenance as well. I am very happy that I picked Wynwood for my wife’s care.

Sharon Benbow

I just want to say that I’ve had nothing but a good experience here. The rehab program is the best in the country and the staff truly care about residents. Thank you!

Gina Walker

Hi, everyone I just wanted to note that Wynwood Rehabilitation is a wonderful place my mother has been there for couple of months and I love it. They our really great with keeping up with her medical appointments and all that care and support she needs around the clock. All of the supporting staff our excellent with communication. I’m happy that my mother is getting the care she needs and I really appreciate all the help. Thank you

Christine Fedorowycz

My brother is a resident at Wynwood. I visit him a couple times a week . The staff are very helpful. His room is always clean. I have visited at different times of the day and whoever is at the front desk is always friendly and helpful.

Joanne Forrester

My family member was at wynwood a few months ago. From start to finish the staff met my expectations. Stephanie from admissions helped ease my appreciations of sending my mother in law to a nursing home after the hospital and answered all of my questions (no matter the time of day). Uri was always very friendly and often stopped in to say hello to my mother in law and me when I visited. She really enjoyed going to therapy and playing with the wii games. Nursing staff was very attentive to her needs. Overall, my MIL stay was great and would recommend wynwood for any after hospital stay.

Sean M

I came here for rehab after being in the hospital. I was not able to walk before I got here, and now I can because the rehab team does what they are supposed to. I am walking further now than I ever did before. Jonathan who runs the building and the nursing staff are good. I enjoyed eating in the dining room. Everything takes time to adjust, but when you do, the daily structure was necessary for me to achieve my rehab goals. I am looking forward to going home, but part of me will always miss the friendly staff and friends I’ve made.

Susan Johnson

My father was a resident at the Wynwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center from 2017-2019. He received excellent care from all the staff. The staff was friendly and courteous. They treated me and my family just like family. The nurses are very professional and warm and personal, whatever I needed them to address, it was taken care of. They are very Veteran-friendly and recognized my father for his 22 years of service in the United States Air Force. My father was happy and content there until his recent passing…Their compassion and care for my father surpasses any [other community] ….as a matter of fact, he was spoiled by the staff! Thank you, Wynwood Center, for all you’ve done to make my father living there a comfort to us all.

David Gallagher

A wonderful facility for Rehab. I came here from the hospital coming off a bad case of influenza and pneumonia. I was on oxygen 24/7 and could not walk 30 feet without resting. Danielle and her team of therapists assessed my issues and had a long talk with me. I didn’t want to hear some of the things they were telling me but by the time the meeting was finished they had me nodding my head in agreement. They worked me as much if not harder then they promised.   It didn’t matter if it was Stephanie, Courtney, Lindsey or April, they were there helping me 5-6 days a week. Tomorrow I will walk out of here breathing betterthen I have in 10 years and easily walking around the building or even to Starbucks to celebrate! I can’t thank this team of therapists enough, I see the care they show each of their patients and only hope you’re lucky enough to have them on your side. It’s not just the therapists, the nurses and aides were quick and always helpful when I needed them. If you are in need of a caring, well-run facility you need to at least have a look here. From the administration on down it is a caring facility. 

X Zhang

I enjoyed my stay at Wynwood Rehab to get stronger so that I could go home without too much pain. The Rehab team worked hard at getting me stronger so that I can get back to doing things for myself. I did not like to do the stairs, but they encouraged me and supported me, and I conquered them.

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