Patient and
Resident Stories

We’re grateful that our patients, residents and their families have shared their experiences at Wynwood with us.
Your perspective is important to us, too. We encourage you to share your own experiences, feedback and stories
about your time at Wynwood with us.

Dominic Grosso

The enthusiasm of the whole facility helps us learn more and enjoy our rehab stay. They worked me both mentally and physically, sometimes without realizing. Danielle, Amy, Alyssa, Alexa, Chelsea and the weekend boys helped me be well prepared to accomplish safely and reach my goals. Rose, my aide, and Jen, the unit nurse, were very caring and attentive to my needs.

Allen G.

I came to you mostly bedridden and I am leaving on my own two feet! Thank you to the whole Rehab group! I would not be where I am, if not for you all. You gave me tons of support and encouragement every day. This is something I never could have accomplished without your hard work, concern, compassion and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


My goal was to be “good enough” to move to Texas with my son. Thanks to the help of my therapists– Amy, COTA, and Danielle, PT, the rest of the rehab team, and my two motivating aides, Rosa and Dee, I am on my way!

Janet Nazarethian & Family

To the amazing Wynwood Family,We appreciate all the compassionate care that my mom received from the moment we walked through the door. Over the last week, the amount of love, compassion and support we witnessed was more than we ever could’ve expected! Although my mom (Thelma) has passed, please know each and every one of you that cared for mom so lovingly, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

David Gallagher

The therapists here seem to go the extra mile. They worked me hard but somehow made it fun. Danielle and her team seem to know how to get the best out of a patient. They get to know us as individuals so they can find the best method of dealing with each person. Besides Danielle I worked with her team of girls (Alexa, Chelsea, Alyssa, and yes even Amy (haha I love Amy)). The guys, Rich, Jared, and Rob, are pros that I usually worked with on weekends. In the end I can’t say enough about the therapists here. They will get you where you need to be. Thank you as well to my nurses and aides who took great care of me. Shout out to Tanique, who was my CNA. I have been here a handful of times after the hospital, and Wynwood is ALWAYS my first and ONLY choice.

Richard Assante

I went to Wynwood after a hospital stay barely able to stand. With the help of an amazing Rehabilitation Staff I was able to get stronger daily and ultimately return home. Amy, Danielle and others are the best. THANKS for giving me my life back.

Lea B

Nursing staff and aides are very attentive and helpful. The physical therapists rock!! They are professional and experts at what they do. Thanks so much to physical therapist Gina and all the others for working so hard with my dad and the other residents!!!

Rosalie Mittelman

So far I am very pleased with the accommodations and the compassionate attention of the staff, which is very important! This is my 3rd rehab stay and so far Wynwood has been the best. More than anything the staff cares.

Kelly Ditmars

I’ve been here for only two weeks, and I’ve already was able to walk with assistantance … The girls, in physical therapy are awesome!!! Danielle, Alexis and Amy go above, to help you. They give you the encouragement to keep going. Push you, to your best in a very good and constructive way. Ruby in admissions goes above and beyond, to accommodate you and make sure all your needs are meant: as well Uri and several others.

Christopher Manosis

I have been here for rehab. I came in with limited mobility and have improved. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. Room is great. Really appreciative.

Barbara Hayes

My husband was a patient at Wynwood. I cannot say enough about the staff and attentiveness to his needs. From the nursing assistant who washed and got him dressed every morning. The physical therapists who worked with him even when he was not cooperating. The kindness of the office staff who answered all my questions. I would recommend Wynwood Rehab. In the case of my husband, all his needs were met when he was a patient.

Anthony Falconiero

My wife has been receiving care here for the past 18 months. I am very happy with the care she has received. The nurses are skilled at what they do and perform their job with patience, caring and compassion. A few to mention, Jenn, Nikki, Traci, Linda, Heidy and others who’s names I don’t know. The same for the CNA’s. I can’t say enough about the aides that have cared for my wife. Particularly her regular aide, Tanique. She is an angel as far as I am concerned. She shows love, compassion and caring above and beyond what anyone could expect. I am very thankful for her. I don’t know all of their names, but the other aides do a fine job as well, Angela is another that I know that is excellent. The aides have a difficult job to do, probably the hardest in the facility; and I salute their commitment and service. Andrea at the front desk is awesome. Also awesome, are the great activities team, led by Sheila. They brighten the days for everyone with fun and interesting activity sessions. Aisha, the Social Worker does a fine job. She has been very helpful to me when I’ve needed her assistance, time and time again. The food is pretty decent. Better than you may expect, considering the meals are mass produced. Housekeeping does a good job, maintenance as well. I am very happy that I picked Wynwood for my wife’s care.

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