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New Ownership
& Management
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A Familiar World
of Family & Friends
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Newly Renovated
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A Vibrant
Caring Community
Dedicated to Your
Health & Comfort
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Patient-Focused Care
When You Need It Most
Wynwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center is known for providing a high-level of patient-focused, clinical care. Centrally located in New Jersey’s tranquil Cinnaminson Township, we offer an intimately warm setting for our patients and residents. Here, our caring staff treats you like family, because we are a family! We have staff and clinicians who have been a part of the Wynwood community for close to 30 years —an accomplishment we’re proud of in an industry where staff turnover is often a challenge. Our community uses the latest in healthcare technology to provide enhanced care for our short-term rehabilitation, post-acute, post-operative and subacute patients, as well as our skilled nursing and long term care (LTC) residents.
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With new ownership & management leading the way, we are excited to focus on expanding and rejuvenating our clinical services and supportive therapies to better meet the unique needs of our patients, residents and their families.
Plus, we’re a VA contracted facilitythat accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance policies, so you don’t have to worry about coverage.
“I can’t thank this team of therapists enough, I see the care they show each of their patients and only hope you’re lucky enough to have them on your side…From the administration on down it is a caring facility.” – David Gallagher
Find out what
our residents are saying

Worried about coverage?
Don’t be.
We are proud to be a
VA contracted facility
and we accept Medicare,
Medicaid and most insurance policies.

Learn more about life at Wynwood, or explore our approach to clinical care, subacute rehab and long term care.

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