Subacute Rehab

Subacute Care

At Wynwood, your full recovery from surgery or illness is our foremost concern. Our comprehensive subacute rehab team of skilled nurses, doctors, and rehab therapists will work closely with you to improve your strength, mobility and independence so that you can return home sooner. Our intimate subacute rehabilitative environment is both optimistic and supportive so you can make progress and achieve results beyond what you might have initially imagined for yourself.

Our experienced subacute rehab professionals utilize the latest in healthcare technology to keep you and your family up to date with real-time information. We believe strong communication between patients and families promotes an informed and complete recovery for every patient and speaks to the exceptional family involvement of our community.

Our short-term residents enjoy the benefits of:

Subacute Rehab - A dedicated subacute unit

A dedicated
subacute unit

Subacute Rehab - Physical, occupational and speech therapies 7 days per week​

Physical, occupational and
speech therapies
7 days per week

Subacute Rehab - A spacious therapy gym​

A spacious
therapy gym

Subacute Rehab - Specialized rehab equipment​

rehab equipment

Subacute Rehab - Clinically sophisticated nursing services

Clinically sophisticated
nursing services

Subacute Rehab - Experienced rehabilitation professionals

rehabilitation professionals

Subacute Rehab - Individualized discharge planning, Education and follow-up support​

Individualized discharge planning,
Education and follow-up support

respiratory therapy

Respiratory therapy
offered on site

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Wynwood, amenities - logo white

Make the Most of Your Stay at Wynwood

Once admitted to our subacute program, you’ll be provided with an individualized care plan developed with your input and unique needs in mind. Your care is marked by goals you can achieve and health milestones you can look forward to as you become stronger and gain more confidence.

But your journey continues beyond your stay at Wynwood! We’re focused on your long-term success, which is why we educate our patients and families about maintaining their health while at home, which reduces the possibility for further complications or hospital readmissions.

Interested in seeing more of our subacute rehabilitation in action?


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Wynwood, amenities - logo white
Wynwood, amenities - logo white

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Here’s what our residents are saying:

“My overall stay was wonderful. The nurses and aides were nice, and everyone was kind to me, I very much appreciated it. The girls of therapy were great and considerate of my needs. Doing exercises and walking in therapy helped me to be able to get stronger and be able to return home.”

– Florence O.

“I enjoyed my stay at Wynwood Rehab to get stronger so that I could go home without too much pain. The Rehab team worked hard at getting me stronger so that I can get back to doing things for myself. I did not like to do the stairs, but they encouraged me and supported me, and I conquered them!”

– X Zhang

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