My wife has been receiving care here for the past 18 months. I am very happy with the care she has received. The nurses are skilled at what they do and perform their job with patience, caring and compassion. A few to mention, Jenn, Nikki, Traci, Linda, Heidy and others who’s names I don’t know. The same for the CNA’s. I can’t say enough about the aides that have cared for my wife. Particularly her regular aide, Tanique. She is an angel as far as I am concerned. She shows love, compassion and caring above and beyond what anyone could expect. I am very thankful for her. I don’t know all of their names, but the other aides do a fine job as well, Angela is another that I know that is excellent. The aides have a difficult job to do, probably the hardest in the facility; and I salute their commitment and service. Andrea at the front desk is awesome. Also awesome, are the great activities team, led by Sheila. They brighten the days for everyone with fun and interesting activity sessions. Aisha, the Social Worker does a fine job. She has been very helpful to me when I’ve needed her assistance, time and time again. The food is pretty decent. Better than you may expect, considering the meals are mass produced. Housekeeping does a good job, maintenance as well. I am very happy that I picked Wynwood for my wife’s care.
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