A wonderful facility for Rehab. I came here from the hospital coming off a bad case of influenza and pneumonia. I was on oxygen 24/7 and could not walk 30 feet without resting. Danielle and her team of therapists assessed my issues and had a long talk with me. I didn’t want to hear some of the things they were telling me but by the time the meeting was finished they had me nodding my head in agreement. They worked me as much if not harder then they promised.


It didn’t matter if it was Stephanie, Courtney, Lindsey or April, they were there helping me 5-6 days a week. Tomorrow I will walk out of here breathing better
then I have in 10 years and easily walking around the building or even to Starbucks to celebrate! I can’t thank this team of therapists enough, I see the care they show each of their patients and only hope you’re lucky enough to have them on your side.

It’s not just the therapists, the nurses and aides were quick and always helpful when I needed them. If you are in need of a caring, well-run facility you need to at least have a look here. From the administration on down it is a caring facility. 

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